Public swimming area

A refreshing oasis in Slunj Rastoke

Enchanting and clear, during the summer days, the Korana river is a true swimmer’s paradise, reaching an incredible temperature of 28C! The public swimming area in Rastoke beneath the famous Slunj bridge, calls for you with its sounds and colors when you glance at it from your hot car aching for a refreshment! There are numerous facilities such as diving board, beach volleyball, water games, open-air cinema and musical performances.

If you go upstream from the main beach, you will reach a numerous of smaller oases such as the beaches called Škrila, Pod Oltarom and Kotlac, ideal for a families with small children because of the shallow water and small natural pools and waterfalls.

Nikšić cascades

Hidden paradise on the Korana river, in small village called Nikšić (near Hotel)

Kosovi Mlinovi (Kos mills) & Neralić Mlin (Neralić watermill)

Neralić Mill is a small oasis that will delight you with a pure nature which hides many small cascades and waterfalls, impressive caves buried in the rocks and an old watermill that has been preserved in its original form. Naturally, there is a small sandy beach , the only one of this kind in part of the Korana River!  

Kos mills are located in the canyon of the river Korana, and it got its name from the fact that there were several mills used by families with the surname Kos. At the very end of the trail, before reaching the river Korana, if you turn right you will reach the waterfall where the old mills were, and if you take the trail to the left, it will lead you to a beautiful small swimming area.

Gržanove luke (Široka luka)

Široka luka, also known as Gržanova luka, is located in the canyon of the Korana river. This oasis is best known because of its spacious shore along the beautiful river Korana where you can enjoy in the all joys of summer and swim in the refreshing Korana river! If you follow the road from this area through the village Gornji Nikšić, it will lead you to the another oasis called Neralić mlin (Neralić mill) and then there is a path that stretches all the way to the Kosovi mlinovi (Kos mills). This whole route creates an ideal idea for a day trip, so emark on an adventure and explore all three beautiful places in one day!

Karača & Jezero

These two beaches along the Korana river, Karača and Jezero, are around 30-minute walk from the Hotel. For swimming we suggest Karača, and for walking and enjoying nature we recommend Jezero oasis.

Other swimming areas in the nearby

Veljun – The Korana river

Near Slunj, only 15 kilometers from the Hotel, discover another oasis of the Korana river! Hidden beach surrounded with greenery and forest with a small wooden mill. This sandy bottom beach also has shallow parts which makes it ideal swimming area for kids.

Primišlje – The Mrežnica river

This beautiful karst river has a cooler temperature than the Korana river and that sounds just as a perfect refreshment for the brave ones! Crystal clear water and turquoise colour will call you for a swim, and that’s why Mrežnica river is for so many people a favorite choice for swimming during the summer months!



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