Rent an E-Bike & Bike (bicycle)

You are staying in the Rastoke and Plitvice lakes region?

Spend your free time actively, rent an e-bike or a regular bike close to Plitvice lakes and Rastoke!

Getting fit and enjoying nature


In addition to a variety of adrenaline programs we offer and rent bikes for those who want to research many trails and bike paths of Kordun. Explore by yourself the beauty of Rastoke, the Korana river, the Slušnica and the Mrežnica providing the possiblity of refreshing at every step of your trip. Explore and relax in the natural beauty of riding through the woods, rural roads and picturesque scenery.


Check out our biking trails and maps on:



1/2 DAY – 200,00 KN (26,50€)
*up to 5 hours

1 DAY – 250,00 KN (33,50€)
* over 5 hours



1/2 DAY – 10,00€ / person
*up to 5 hours 


1 DAY – 15,00€ / person
over 5 hours