Local family farms (OPG)

Explore one of the many family farms in our area!

Local products, delicious homemade food, cheeses, jams, homemade honey, eco products, wine, liqueurs… You can taste and find this all and much more on one of the many family farms in the region of Slunj and Rastoke!


– Cheese factory & other domestic products

Opg Novković is located in Veljun. Family Novković is engaged primarily in cattle breeding and production of delicious cow’s cheese top quality!

“We produce 8 types of organic cheeses (škripavac, trapist, smoked, cooked (with additives), feta, fresh…), collectively called “Korana cheese”, from unpasteurized milk by traditional technology to preserve the recognizable product of the region.”

In addition to cattle breeding and production of cheeses, on the Novković family farm are:

Chokeberry fields, a hazelnut farm, and a production of homemade honey!

We can organize a visit to the family farm for you, where the Novković family will organize a tasting of their products, presentation of their property, production technology and show you the true experience of life in the countryside and a farm!

OPG MAGDIĆ – Distillery and Tasting Room

Already well known in Croatia, fruit liqueurs and brandies of distillery Magdić with unique products such as “Brandy TO GO” and the most famous brandy, with the striking name “Jebenica” you can taste in the newly opened distillery and tasting room located next to Rastoke.

Not that you can only taste brandies and liqueurs, but Mr. Magdić will reveal all the secrets of their production in the distillery to you as well!

Contact us and we will organize a visit to the distillery with a presentation of the production, where you will have the opportunity to taste a large number of homemade brandies and liqueurs such as: Plum brandy, walnut liqueur, William brandy, cherry liqueur, honey brandy, grape brandy, blueberry liqueur and many others, all ECO produced and top quality!

OPG OBROVAC – The wine from Slunj 

Want to try quality local wines? We offer you the opportunity to taste the excellent wines of the Obrovac family from a vineyard located in the village of Ponor in the immediate vicinity of Rastoke and Plitvice Lakes. Wine varieties of white wines: Graševina, Chardonnay and Manzoni bijeli and red wine: Cuvee Slunj will ideally fit in with the traditional dishes of the Slunj-Plitvice region.


Visit the old Rastoke mill located in lower Rastoke where you can buy homemade flour milled originally by the traditional Rastoke method, in the old mill using a millstone. The mill is open to visitors.