Trails from Hotel Mirjana & Rastoke

Nature escape as the best way to have a restful vacation! Far away from the city crowds and everyday obligations, recharge your batteries with fresh air, untouched greenery and sound of pure nature. Discover numerous of hidden swimming oasis and find out that true small heaven on Earth is much closer than you think.

With our maps with marked trails and paths and best possible information that our friendly staff will provide, on a very easy way through an active vacation experience off- road and forest trails and find your own oasis.

Along the canyon of Korana river discover numerous of waterfalls and cascades , meet old wooden watermills, their original recognizable shape raises the outdoor atmosphere to the next level.

Hidden beaches ‘Jezerce’, ‘Karača’, ‘Kosovi mlinovi’, ‘Neralić mlin’, ‘Gržanove luke’.. are some of the places full of hidden untouched beaches and drinkable water sources, less than 2 km from the Hotel, sounding like an ideal refreshment.

NIKŠIĆ CASCADES (Korana river)

(Široka luka, Neralić mlin, Kosovi mlinovi) 


7.1km (Hotel-Neralić mlin-Kosovi mlinovi-Hotel)


10.1km (Hotel-Široka luka-Neralić mlin- Kosovi mlinovi-Hotel)

The path of forest, chestnut
and mushroom

5.4km (Hotel – Jelvik -Hotel)

Karača & Jezero (rijeka Korana)

3.3km (Hotel – Karača) 

Through Cerovac village to Rastoke

5.1 km (Hotel – Rastoke)

Trails in Slunj – Rastoke

Explore Slunj & Rastoke by bike or foot along marked trails and get to know this small picturesque destination in the best possible way.

Find endless possibilites to explore! Each trail is special with an emphasis on staying in nature. Experience our forests & rivers with a touch of a small part of the history, discover ‘Napoleon’s Magazine’, the birthplace of the first Croatian Olympian ‘Milan Neralić’, the walls of the old town of Slovin and meet rustic houses and mills of the Rastoke village.

Rivers & Forest

5.57km (Rastoke – Kotlac – Slunj)

Korana & Slunjčica canyon

7.18km (Rastoke – Korana- Slunjčica- Rastoke) 

Rastoke & Slunjčica

3.12km (Rastoke – Slunjčica – Rastoke)

Hiking trail to the Spring of Slunjčica river

Don’t miss to take the trail to the spring of Slunjčica, which will enchant you with its natural beauty, blue-green clear water and amazing views!