Hiking trails – Petrova gora

At only 30 drive minutes from our tourist center is located the hill Petrova Gora, which is rich in historical sites and hiking trails.

Hiking trails:

Significant peaks

  • Mali Petrovac, 507 m, location of the monument
  • Veliki Petrovac, 512 m, location of the remains of the Pauline monastery from the IV. century
  • Mali Velebit, 325 m


Interesting sites

  • King’s grave, according to legend, the tomb of the last king of Croatian blood Petar Svačić; killed in 1097, reportedly at Petrova Gora, in the conflict for the Croatian throne with Hungarian King Koloman.
  • Central partisan hospital, partially preserved complex of wooden houses, pit houses and cemeteries in “Pišin gaj”; was never discovered and worked until May 1945 .; except the hospital, there was the printing house “Journal”.