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Stay in nature relaxing, catching and acclimatization of the fishing technique, motion of the hands and the pole to the fish behavior taking into account the water currents, result with deception and drawing the fish out of the water and that is the whole meaning of sports fishing, to outsmart a wild animal and deceive it as well as drawing it out of the water and usually after taking pictures, sometimes giving it a farewell kiss returning it to water.

Our destination represents an excellent choice for relaxing fishing on our beauties that are wealthy with fish. Beautiful shores of our rivers await You in charming company and liberate You from everyday stress. Spend the day, weekend or the whole week in our fishing arrangements which we will adapt all to Your wishes.

Through our proficiency of fishing waters and in cooperation with the local fishing associations and all other contents that every angler needs, we guarantee an unforgettable experience.


River Slunjčica springs 5 km south of Slunj 240 m above sea level. It is a typical karst river, and presents the ending of the underground flow of river Lička Jesenica. From numerous travertine barriers the most beautiful ones are at the Slunjčica estuary in river Korana. It is rich with rainbow trout and grayling.

River Korana springs from the lowest lake of National park Plitvice lakes, Kaluđerovac, and to the mouth in river Kupa at Karlovac it is 134 km long. It’s a karst river rich with travertine barriers, waterfalls and rapids. It provides sanctuary to many fish species such as; rainbow trout, grayling, pike, catfish, chub, barbell, sneep as well as to other white fish.

River Mrežnica springs 10 km west from Slunj at 280 m above sea level. The length of the river is 62 km, and it presents co position of river Dretulja that plunges not far from Plaški.

It mouths in Korana at Karlovac. It flows through a narrow and partially deep canyon with an abundance of travertine barriers and waterfalls. It is a sanctuary to many species of fish.


Every angler is acquainted with fresh-water fishing regulations:

  • every angler has to have a fishing license
  • it is not allowed to catch fish with a foreign species of fish, live or dead as a bait
  • to catch fish by forbidden ways; by explosives, by hand, by fish spear, by underwater gun, by net or other prohibited means
  • with several fishing gears or equipment that is not listed
  • in the waters inhabited with Salmonidae species of fish, natural baits are forbidden
  • fish caught in recreational-sports fishing must not be put in market

Recreational-sports fishing of Cyprinidae species of fish is allowed with 3 fishing gears with one hook at most. The lure can have two hooks at most, one-hook, two-hook or three-hook.

Recreational-sports fishing of Salmonidae species of fish can be performed with one fishing gear with one fishing reel. Fishing gear can have one hook at most – fly or lure.

Artificial bait – fly can have only one hook.

Take care of the environment!