Active Adventure activities

Kayak Safari

It is an ideal program for families or organized groups. Passing through the most beautiful part of the river Mrežnica, the upper stream, with the length of 5 kilometers with a plethora of magical places for swimming and rest. The adventure flows through the amazing river canyons and along the entire stream there is no populated areas.
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Quad Adventure

For all of you who are adventurous, we have prepared a real treat! We guarantee You an unforgettable quad adventure. Freedom that the four weels drive gives you in incomparable with any means of transportation. A pleasant ride through meadows, forests and off-road paths accopmanied by trained guides.
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Rafting Korana

Rafting Korana is about navigating the Korana river in rafts through a plethora of wild and untamable rapids and sedge barriers where you will feel a rush of adrenalin and the excitement of this sport. You navigate solely through the less accessible parts of the Korana river which makes this an extreme, unforgettable and adventurous experience.
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In addition to a variety of adrenaline programs we offer and rent bikes for those who want to research many trails and bike paths of Kordun. Explore by yourself the beauty of Rastoke, the Korana river, the Slušnica and the Mrežnica providing the possiblity of refreshing at every step of your trip.
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Rastoke fairytale

Arrival at our “water pearl” Rastoke, which is 2-3 minutes away from our tourist centre. We start the tour above the last waterfall, descend to the Lower Rastoke graduating one of the oldest bridges where we visit mills and farms of our Rastoke natives.
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Plitvice lakes hiking tour

Waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have deposited minerals, and created natural dams. The result is a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. The forests in the park are home to an admiring variety of flora and fauna.
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Other Activities

Swimming in Korana river

In the summer, the river Korana is a swimmer's paradise, reaching an incredible temperature of 28C! The swimming area in Rastoke beneath the famous Slunj bridge, calls for you with its sounds and colors when you glance at it from your hot car aching for a refreshment!
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Our destination represents an excellent choice for relaxing fishing on our beauties that are wealthy with fish. Beautiful shores of our rivers await You in charming company and liberate You from everyday stress.
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Surrounded by beautiful nature and a large number of hunting societies in the region, we can offer to all passionate nature lovers and hunters an unforgettable experience and adventure in the forests of the region Slunj.
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