Entdecken Sie die Wasserperle Kroatiens, Rastoke – kleine Plitvicer Seen, in nur ein paar Minuten von uns!

Rastoke was made by the game of nature at the place where the Slunjcica river flows into the river Korana. The nature had played with turquoise waters of the river Slunjcica and divided them into a myriad of sputtering waterfalls of which the most beautiful ones are Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa.

By its founding Rastoke is actually the first introduction to the Plitvice lakes. Unlike the lakes, Rastoke is special by beeing intertwined human settlement with spoon-like water-mills (mlinica žlicara) in this exuberance of green vegetation on inlets and cliffs made three hundred years ago. What the nature has made in thousands of years and a man built later on, while adjusting himself to the conditions of nature, with the surrounding limestone rocks, remnants of old settlements and the little town of Slunj fits harmoniously into a unique whole.

Due to the harmony of the historic, ethnographic and construction cultural heritage Rastoke was noted in the Registry of the unmovable cultural monuments at the Regional Institute for protection of cultural monuments in Zagreb in 1969.

Our fairies (licensed local guides dressed in fairy costumes) lead you into a Rastoke fairytale, a rich story of this Croatian water pearl which, we hope, will not remain only a check point for random travelers, but a favourite destination for each person, thanks to you!