River Korana

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River Korana is still one of the most appreciated gift of nature in our region.

During the summer Korana is a paradise for swimmers, reaching temperature of an amazing 28 degrees. The bathing resort in Rastoke under the famous bridge lures You with its sounds and colors while you are watching it from your hot car wishing for refreshment.

Either You had a hard and stressful work week, fulfilled with rush and stress or You don’t spend enough time with Your friends or family: run away!

To unspoiled nature, free yourself of stress, rest in relaxed environment, elope on a romantic weekend, swim in public charming bathing resort

or hide in many hidden strands and green leaved copses, from eyes and voices, sunbathe, read, do sports or make love, because Korana has it all and more. 

Tourist center “Mirjana Rastoke”, with its rich various activity offers, gastronomy and accommodation, presents a perfect solution for a perfect vacation for You!

Take advantage of our offers and experience unforgettablle moments!