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Group hunting for wild boar

Season runs from 01.11. - 31.01.

A minimum of 10 participants max. 30

Duration of hunt: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday / or Public Holidays
                      In one day realize the two gears
                     + 3. gear, if you fail the first two

The program of hunting:

1. Around 7:30 - Gathering: in front of the hunting lodge

2. Welcome drink (rakija), meeting with the master of the hunt
                          and other participants in the hunt

3. Around 9-11am - first gear

4. 11-12 - Break for brunch at the hunting ground on the spot -
                          grilled sausages and bacon

5. 12-14h - second gear

6. 15:00 - ŠTREKA - all the catches around the burning fire and group photo

7. Mingling with the host

8. Return

Hunting Club provides drivers, hunting dogs and extraction of a successfully shot animal


Confirmed hunt - more than 3 wild boars or 9 shots fired

                         125, - Euro / person - for  3-6 shot boars

                         150, - Euro / person - for 7-10 shot boars

                         200, - Euro / person - for more then 10 shot boars

Unconfirmed hunting - less than 3 wild boars or 9 shots fired

                         75, - Euro / person

Hunter has a right to the trophy, it is not paid separately, but has no right to the meat (venison).

If hunters deliberately miss the wild boar (ie do not want to shoot) because the trophy does not suit them, they pay the min. price for confirmed hunting (= 125, - Euro).

In addition to killing boars hunter has the right to shoot pests.

For a group of 10 people the organizer has free hunting.

Individual hunting

Except group hunting we offer the possibility of  individual hunting with members of hunting society.
In this option  hunters are participating in the hunt with other members of society under the same conditions and program.