Special menus: Fine dining

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Want to feel the flavors and scents of Kordun and Lika region, you're tired of classic restaurant menus and want to taste the traditional recipes from the creative cuisine of our chef's fusion of different world recipes embodied with the best Croatian wines, served in a romantic ambiance with the warmth of our staff, please contact us to meet your expectations or to surprise you with the unexpected.

These are some menu proposals, but please keep in mind that some menus depend on the ingredients that are seasonal in character.

Depending on your wishes and suggestions, as well as on seasonal ingredients in the preparation of menus we are taking care of the menu in very high quality and creative manner with an emphasis on the autochthonous recipes and the local cuisine of our region.

Of course, each menu is accompanied with the appropriate wine, with an emphasis on the Croatian continental and coastal vineyards.

Beverage consumption is not covered in the above prices.