Kayak Safari


It is a voyage through the Croatian karst beauty, river Mrežnica in our inflatable "GUMOTEX K2" kayaks for two adults and one child through a multitude of rapids and rocky barriers in which you'll come to feel the adrenaline and excitement of this sport. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Sailing through pure nature of Mrežnica makes this trip even more unforgettable. 

It is a perfect family trip. We’re passing through the most beautiful part of Mrežnica, length of 5 kilometers with abundance of magical places for swimming and recreation. Passage through the beautiful canyons of the river, and during the whole voyage there is no inhabited places. In this part of the river there is over a dozen waterfalls which are all crossed by boat, with the exception of one, 8 meters high, which provides an unforgettable fun. Starting in the morning, usually around 10 am in front of our restaurant, "Mirjana Rastoke“. Route ends passing by the magical camp on Mrežnica, at the bridge.

The program is suitable for children strating from 6 years of age, depending on water level!

-Gathering at 9:30h


The price includes

- Rental of boats and equipment (paddles, neoprene clothing and shoes, barrels, life jackets and helmets)
- Guide-skipper
- Photographs during the journey (a CD with photos as a gift) 
-Transport from our Tourist center to the river

Personal items to bring: swimsuit, towel, sun lotion!



- 35,00€ / per person 

- 48,00€ - With LUNCH / per person

     Lunch Menu:

-Homemade beef soup with noodles

Plate "Korana":

-Stuffed Burger, Čevapčići (Minced pork and mutton meat grilled in sausage shape), Cutlets, Chicken spitmeat, Sausage, Fresh chesse and cream

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